PRIME ESTATE High Quality Factories and Warehouses for Sale and Rent

Prime Estate Co., Ltd. was created with the objective of developing factory and warehousing solutions tailored to SMEs. With our in-depth understanding of the nature of SME Companies we are able to provide the right combination to maximize productivity and growth. With Thailand as a key player to the AEC Community, Prime Estate is geared to fast track SME Companies ahead of their competition. We offer quality factory and warehousing solutions, whether it is infrastructure, Pre-Built or Built to Suit that is catered to the requirements of our customers.


A Clean & Green Industrial Environment

With a neatly manicured green landscape our project is expertly designed to create not only a lastingly excellent impression of your corporation for your guests, but a pleasant and comfortable environment for you and your clients to conduct your business as well.


Our Projects strategic location positions it right in-between Bangkok and Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor, in proximity to major ports, airports, railways and highways, providing you with a fantastic logistic advantage that greatly lowers your resource usage, transportation time, impact on the environment, and ultimately, your operating costs.


We provide an array of facilities to maximize your productivity and safety with CCTV system and 24 hour security.


We provide quality construction by offering the best value for money products, carefully selected, and matched together from top venders. With the use of third party Quality Control in our construction process and by adhering to the construction industry’s norms and regulations across all of our construction we are able to provide our customers with what they need to grow and fast track their business.

Sales/Rental Services

Our factories and warehouses can in many sizes, offering functionality and come compete with office space, starting from 400 sqm. Upwards, designed specifically for SME businesses. 

Consultancy / Permissions

We have the knowledge and connections both with the private & public sector to help assist the implementation of your business.

After Sales Services  

We Provide after sales service to keep our factories and warehouses in top condition. 

We provide what you need to advance 



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